Europe Cotton Blankets Market Report 2016

Benefits of Using Cotton Blankets

Cotton is a fiber from the cotton plant that turns into yarn, utilized as a part of garments and home forms, and woven into sheets and bed covers. Cotton blankets can be purchased from retail chains, and on the online sale website. These blankets are extremely flexible,

Cotton Blankets 

and they are offered in different styles and colors. Cotton is the most prevalent decision for blankets and other bedding material. Cotton blankets are broadly accessible, come in several colors, weaves & styles and they’re reasonable as compared to other materials. Blankets produced using 100% cotton and those from a cotton mix feel wonderful, comfortable and are beautiful.

Cotton blankets benefits include:

  • These blankets are much lighter than wool material but offer warmth, particularly when layered. Individuals who vary amongst hot and cold while they’re sleeping can utilize a few light cotton blankets on their bed as required.
  • Cotton is very much durable, and cotton items have a tendency to get distinctly softer and cozier with every washing.
  • Because of the natural tendency, cotton covers are accessible in a larger number of design & colors with outlines than offered by different fabrics.
  • They are washer and dryer safe and never require ironing. Since it can be washed in hot water, and can rest guaranteed the bedding is spotless and sterile regardless of what life tosses at it.

By the luxurious factor, Egyptian cotton blankets are considered for luxury blankets with quality standards. According to one study on cotton blanket market suggests that one of the important factors have to consider for selecting these blankets is weight. Per yard, lightweight blankets having weight from 200 to 240 grams, medium weight blankets are around 320 to 380 grams and heavyweight blankets are having weight of approx 400 grams or more. Starting range of cotton blankets are from $28, according to the design and outline colors with different varieties this price may vary.


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