Global Automotive Washer System Market Research Report 2016

Importance of Automotive Washer System

Automotive Washer System is a decent approach to be environmentally conscious and ensures resale estimation of the car. It saves water, decreases ground water

Automotive Washer System
Automotive Washer System 

contamination, safeguards the car’s paint and finish, and holds the resale estimation of the vehicle. More often this system guarantees 360° cleaning of the car and ensures full customer satisfaction for the same.

Reasons to use automotive washer system:

  • Washing-out vehicle at home can use around 150 gallons of water, where a touch less or brushless auto wash will utilize roughly 35 gallons
  • Auto washes recover the water utilized for washing. The water is cleaned and treated before being reused for resulting auto washes
  • Washing vehicle by hand (scrubbing with wipes and brushes) actually, creates small scratches in the paint. This is brought about by fine particles of sand and dirt, which residue that get to be distinctly caught in the brush or wipe. By washing car at home, the value of car is actually depreciated day by day
  • Auto brushless or touch-less auto washes utilize a high-pressure spray of water to remove the particles from the surface before it is washed, and the materials used to clean the surface of the vehicle are persistently being rinsed to keep the car well polished and maintains the car’s paint.

One such study about automotive washer system market shows that, the major components used in the market are windshield and headlamp washer. It is the prioritized thing used to clean majorly by the consumer. Cleaning up the car on weekly basis in an auto car washer, environment can dispense the destructive activities that dirt and pollution can create, by which the car shines for a longer period and therefore keep the resale value up. It will be beneficial to remove rust particles away by polishing and cleaning in an automotive washer system.


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