Characteristics of Cyclamen

Cyclamen is a 22 species of blossoming plants with some hybrids in the family primulaceous. Cyclamen species are local to Europe and a Mediterranean basin east to Iran, with one species available in Somalia. They develop from tubers and are esteemed for their flowers with upswept petals with the variable pattern designed leaves. It is one of the most widely grown species in gardens, come-up with twisted upturned petals. It is one of the best seasonable plant in which different species of cyclamen turned into flower at different time of the year, it is more helpful for setting up garden with flowers.cyclamen-persicum-2lCyclamens develop in cool, sticky situations type environment. Temperatures that are too high will bring about the plant to turn yellow, and the blossoms will fade quickly. Cyclamen are sensitive in both the condition, over and under watering, as they need additional care in extensive scale. Cyclamens have a tuber, from which the blossoms and the roots develop. In many species, leaves come up in autumn time, growing in the season of winter, and after that die in spring, then the plant goes torpid through the dry Mediterranean summer. According to a survey done on cyclamen market, the storage organ of the cyclamen has no delicate casing and, relies upon the species; roots may grow and expand out of any part. It properly classifies as a tuber. The tuber may deliver roots from the top, sides, or base, depending upon the species.

Some Common Issues:

  • Short flower life span: This could be because of dry and warm heat or different reasons, such as insufficient water or humid quantity
  • Leaves turning yellow: This condition will occur due to unmatched temperature and weather condition irrespective to planting area
  • Delicate leaves hanging issue: This type of situation comes in fewer manners but affects cyclamen plant badly, this situation occurs due to providence of over water to the respective plant. The only protection to overcome this by re-potting the plant

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